Saturday, March 7, 2009

More little doodles

Yesterday I was in a "BEAD" mood, not bad. lol Thanks God (and the Flexeril) they ciatic pain is lessening, the bone pain too. But if I walk, after a dozen of paces it returns. So I have to walk with the walker even inside the home. At least from the bed room to the living room a few times. When cooking I have to sit also and cook siting. *sigh* But hubby have been home a few nights straigth and he cooks and do everything in the home, so I just have to tat. *VBG*

Last night, while watching a marathon of "Back to the Future" (my fav is the 3rd one) I made these pins. I didn't follow any pattern. Just happen that I got out the red thread added some beads from the tray and VOILA! They are so fun to make. I will make a few more but to attach them to hairpins and then to the shop. I opened again my Etsy. Let see if I can sell something.

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