Saturday, March 7, 2009

Very crappy day

Today is really one of those days that is better to stay in bed. I have only slept 3 hours. A sandstorm star ted early night and now is very strong. So all the flat is closed, except the small window in the bath and kitchen (they're interior windows). That means that the apartment is getting hot. We don't have AC or fans yet. *mumble, mumble* Add to that that I can't find the TV remote and this kind of TV you MUST turn it on from the remote. Anyway, with this weather probably the satellite won't work. The pain on the hip is still there, like a pesky reminder that YES I have Lupus. At least last night fever is gone. I finished a choker/necklace that I started last night and my hands feel numb. So yes, it's a crappy day for me. >-P

I'll breakfast now, take my medicines and will try to sleep.

But to finish this post with a happy thought here is a motif I tatted a few days ago and didn't post it. It's from a Spanish tatting booklet called "Maravillas en Frivolite". It's not yet done completely. I need to make a beaded tassel for it but run low on silver beads.


Gina said...

very pretty - I really like this with the block tatting in the corners. My favorite motif from Iris is like that, with block tatting at corners, but the rest is different.

Valerie said...

this is very pretty. somewhat like a motif i saw in a japanese book.


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