Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing with buttons

What happens when you have a box of beads and a jar of buttons like this one?

Buttons with tatting!!! I have been following Jane's adventures with her MOP (mother of pearl) buttons and her "new" way to add tatting to buttons. I must say that is very, very cute and fun!!! I understand now it's a little tricky to write the pattern because it depends on the size of the button and thread.

This flower-button I made it using a 3/4" 4-hole button, frosted green bugles and glass seed beads. There's an "E" bead on the center of the button. The color of the button is a strange green, looks more like a dark blueish olive green. The thread is black cotton perle El Beida #8. I think I have to adjust the counting a little bit on the center's rings and the joining picots. But I really like this one. I was going to continue playing but the light bulb in the room went off and hubby is not at home to change it. The light in the room is a white fluorescent one but the rest of the house is the regular yellow light and I can't tat very well with that light. So I have to wait until the morning to make more buttons.

Thanks Jane for the inspiration!!!


Valerie said...

a wonderful attempt with the buttons and beads, wally. i have tons of them too but didn't go there. as it is, i'm fighting for time to get my hands on just regular tatting. you go gal!

singtatter said...

I saw Jane's patterns for the buttons, like your this version best!

TattingChic said...

Hi Wally! Your button and beaded tatted motif looks so beautiful! You are such a creative and talented gal! :)


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