Saturday, March 7, 2009

Motif 9

You know I tat a lot!!! And sometimes I forget to take a photo and post it on the blog and then I have to post in bunches like now.

Anyway, this gorgeous butterfly is by Marty. She has several butterflies patterns and I keep putting them aside to make them. But I wanted to play with this one. I used DMC Cebelia #30 and purple El Beida #12. I love it!!! It doesn't have decorative picots, which I like a lot. I think I'll make this one again but playing some more with the color position. thanks Marty for the pattern!

1 comment:

Marty said...

You are entirely welcome, Wally. You did such a lovely job. I never even thought about doing it in two colors. My niece, who loves purple, asked why I didn't make a nice one like that!


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