Sunday, March 1, 2009

When shuttles give you knots...

... make butterflies. :-) Since I finished yesterday the collar I have been looking what to tat next. But I guess I'm in one of those "twilight zones" and patterns are not cooperating with me. I managed to make a small snowflake from Jan Stawasz' book. I used DMC Cebelia #30 and it looks so different from the one in the book that is made with #10. It's too "picoty" for my taste. lol May be if I make the picots a little tinier...

Then I started a doily and was cupping and the stitches count was horribly off that I desisted in continuing with it. Then started another motif and also is cupping but I think I cn finish it. The thread finished from one of the shuttles. I guess is not a tatting day today. So I will rest for awhile from patterns. I'll dedicate the day to empty some shuttles and make butterflies with them. May be later I can tat something decent. :-)

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TattingChic said...

Wally, these are so pretty! If you are in the "Twilight Zone" of wondering what to tat next...maybe you could join the TIAS over at Iris Niebach's blog!?! Huh? Maybe?

Oh, BTW, thank you for your very clever comment on my blog post about the "precious" cameo tatting shuttle I got from Dave! "The Fellowship of The Shuttle", LOL! You are a cracky up, Wally! :)


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