Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look what I got!!!

After my colorful breakfast yesterday I went out with hubby. I separated around 200 LE for my "tatting fix" this month. I deserved it after a month and a half of pain and crabbiness. So after convincing hubby to go to the Al Husseiny area (on Feb 22 there was an explosion in that area) we took the buses. I was feeling in a very good mood and even took my camera to snap some views from Cairo. Love to take photos of the old buildings and surrounding area. Hubby was thinking that may be the area was still closed but no, it was full of people! You see, this is the oldest market area in Egypt. A lot of building have over 100 years, even a few over 300 years!!! But the area I like to visit is the textile area. There are streets packed to the maximun with fabrics: silks, cottons, oraganza... You name it, they got it! Also threads and beads. There's a shop that we always visit to get the threads and most of the beads.

On the top photo you can see all the loot! lol I got a lot of seed beads, some heart beads, leaves beads, 2 hanks of rayon/cotton thread and little baggies. That was in a shop. Here is a bigger photo showing the hearts and leaf beads. Aren't they gorgeous?! I wanted to get hearts in a shade of green, but the money was almost gone and I wanted to look for "coins".

After we left with the huge bag of all the pretty beads I told hubby that one day I saw a smaller shop down the road with more threads and beads and I wanted to see. Just to see. Yeah, right! ;-) I found the coins I wanted plus more! OMG! It was beads heaven! lol

You can see in the photo that it's covered from floor to top with beads bags. Each bag is like 1/2 kilo and the price is very good. I only got the little coins and some large sequins to play and make earrings.

After that we return home. Not before falling in the street 2 times. I guess my legs were weak from resting in bed for too long. But I didn't care about the fall. I was happy with my loot. :-) And hubby was more happy because he saw me smile. Isn't he the sweetest guy?

Well, time for me to play! See ya around...

Before go, just a lovely photo of Al Ahzar mosque in the sunset...


TattingChic said...

WOW! Thank you for the beautiful photo of the city! Wally, I am so glad that you felt good enough to go on a little shopping trip! What a wonderful bag of loot you came home with! It's fabulous! I hope there is a lot less pain for you. My heart goes out to you. I suffer from chronic pain, too so I can understand how much this means to you! :)

When I have some extra cash I want to order some of your wonderful egyptian cotton threads from your shop. :)

Valerie said...

it just feels so good to do bead and thread shopping, doesn't it? great, now you've got beads and things to play with, all your friends out here will have eye candy soon.

have a good time tatting!


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