Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yep, I'm not perfect in everything...

Yesterday, after dinner I fall asleep and woke up after 11 pm. So I couldn't sleep any more. Watched a couple of good movies: For the children (about 2 ladies that made an orphanage and shelter for abused children, real story) and a tender movie called Blessings (with Mary Tyler Moore). Cried with both movies! :-) While watching the movies I tatted some samples for my upcoming book "Wings for Hope". But I started to feel bore and wanted to try the clunies. I haven't practiced them in awhile and one of my new patterns has hanging clunies. So I got out the book "Cluny Tatting Designs" by Joy Botchlet and made this little rose. Gosh! My clunies are hideous!!! I really need to practice them. I tried to use a pillow to help with them, but nope, they were looking all crooked. So I ended making them using the hand as the loom. I have somewhere a plastica canvas loom, but can't find it right now.

So yes... While most of my tatting looks impecable, definitively clunies are not my forte. So I'll have to practice, practice and practice. :-P But that will have to wait. It's 7:15 am and I need to try to sleep. I think I'll take half pill and sleep at least 6 hours. Nighty night!!! Or should I say good morning. lol

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