Friday, January 23, 2009

Floral Bookmark

Yesterday I got an order on my shop for this bookmark. It's my design and the pattern can be found here in English. The bookmark is made using 2 sizes of thread. The white is DMC Petra #8 and the multicolor is Coats & Clark Machine Quilting #50. This one tats like a #80. I love this thread and have all the colors available. All of them are ombre or variegated. The bookmark took me like 3 hours. Not so bad... I think I'll make another one to keep with me and my book I'm reading now.

If you are interesting in ordering it you can do it at: Floral Bookmark


Jane Eborall said...

So pretty. Love the quilting thread colour. I see beads too!!!

TattingChic said...

What a pretty bookmark!
Thanks for entering my tatting giveaway (again) (and again and again)
You're cute. Well, to answer your question the thread winder is just a wood blank in the shape of a daisy that I got at a craft store called Michael's. I wood burned the very sad tatting design on it! I'm afraid my wood burning ends up looking like a child's drawing!


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