Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Motif 14 and 15

These hearts are all designed by Jon Yussuf. Her patterns are always so pretty!

This one is called Jon's Heart and it's made using one shuttle. Instead of leaving the bare thread between the rings I added beads to the shuttle and then slide 3 beads in place after each ring. I love how the beads made a nice contour inside the heart.

This other heart it her latest design: Hearts Entwined. Love it! I want to see if using 2 colors I can make it more entwined-look. But as it it looks great. Hmm... What they would look like if I un-entwine them?

May be I should just go and finish the movie I'm watching and think in other things. I'm in the middle of Ringu 2 (the original Japanese The Ring 2).

Ah... the threads are El Beida in pink (uff! I finished the ball!!!) and DMC Petra, both perle #8.

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