Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More hearts for your delight - Motifs 18, 19 and 20

Last night at the Online Tatting class we discussed the Interlaced Picots among other things. It was so curious this technique that my brain started to work really fast. But I couldn't stay up all night as planed because hubby arrived home. You see, when I'm alone I can stay up all night but when hubby is at home I have to play the "good girl" and go to sleep early. *bummer*

Anyway, after setting the blog in Blogger for the tatting stuff alone, I decided to play with the technique.

First I made this little guy here. Only made half of it with the laced picots. It looks like it's going to fly! lol

So, okay, I got it. Now how I can use it? Well, make a flower. Those are the easiest to design. I used "Daisy Picots" and the "Daisy Ring" has the laced picots. The 1st petal I measured the picots by eye and made them too small and it looks like a fat Josephine Knot. Then I measure the picot 1/4" and look better. The 3rd ring has picots measuring 3/8" and they look nice. I decided to return to 1/4" and "eye" size to finish a 5 petals flower. But taking the chance that I could use this as part of my 25 Motifs Challenge I made it into a heart. So I made it simple following the idea or concept of the hearts I made yesterday. At the bottom of the heart I made another ring with laced picots.

And talking about yesterday's hearts. Here are them. They are sweet and easy to make. The pattern is called Trio of Hearts by Vicki Clarke. The pattern can be downloaded from E-Tatting at Yahoo groups. It took me only like 20 minutes to make them. They're a little over an inch so I'll use them as earrings.

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