Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quantiesque Snowflake

When I returned to be online one of the 1st things I made was to check the 25 Motif Challenge and I saw several people making this snowflake. I was like "wow, that's so pretty". So I check who was the designer and I discover was my friend Jon Yousuff. She always make such pretty motifs! this one is called Quantiesque and you can find the story of the name and the pattern on her page:

I used El Beida pink and blue. Yes, I still had some on the shuttles; so I empty them making the center. And the white round is made with DMC Petra. I'll do it again but I'll make the blue ring's picot smaller and take off the picot on the chain. The picot doesn't want to cooperate with me and stay in the middle. lol

Thanks to Jon for the pretty snowflake pattern!

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