Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The son of the Monster

This is "Monster Jr." It's suppose to be the coaster from the oval doily I made. Wasn't so bad to make. Just the I had to read the instructions like 10 times to decipher them. The photo in the book doesn't show the coaster in detail and the instructions say "repeat round 3". But if I repeated round 3 was going to be the same last round and the doily would cup. So after straining my eyes to see the details I decided to use this round, which is the 1st of the doily that goes around the 3 medallions. This one measures like 6 inches or a little bit more. (I need to tell hubby to get me a ruler or a measuring tape!)

The thread is like the other. DMC Petra #8 in white. I'll make another and then I'll have a pretty vanity set.

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