Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Motifs 4, 5 and 6

On the 25 Motifs Challenge- Hearts Edition I have made 3 more.

This one is a design from Sue Hanson and can be found here. It's a challenging pattern but I like how it looks at the end. Made only 1 mistake.

This other is from Karey Solomon's book "Heart belongs to Tatting". A gorgeous book that I love! This one is "Light Heart" is made in one pass using split chains. I think I'm getting better at them!

This small cutie is also from Karey's book and it's call "Butterfly Heart". It's so simple that you can make like a dozen in an hour. lol

All the hearts I made them using Opera #20 in a light dusty rose. It's a very soft thread and tends to tat a little smaller than others #20. I'll use this thread to make a few more and give them to mom to sew on a shirt.

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