Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motif 24 and 25 - Ellen Lai Hearts

Last night on the Online Tatting Class we had a blast. Well, we always have a blast! But last night was so packed with ideas and patterns that I couldn't sleep. Only 5 hours. Well, that's pretty much what I sleep anyway. This morning I jump from bed, actually slide off because the mattress is on the floor, and the first thing I did was to tat Ellen's hearts. She kindly designed a pattern for each month this year and this one is the first. She use them to decorate big paper clips to use as bookmarks or whatever.

This is the 1st heart. It has interwoven picots. But mine doesn't want to look very heartsy. Looks more like a heart inside a wheel. But it's pretty anyway. Then I had a "aha!" moment and came with this...

Cool, eh? I added beads. Well what do you expect from me? I can't leave a pattern alone and make it as it is. I beaded all the picots. The interwoven picots I used Iris Niebach's style. It looks more like an apple with a heart in the center. I was going to put it in a headpin to use with my headscarf but I could find the jump rings. I don't know why but there's something that keeps repeating in my mind "Or-ga-ni-za-tion". Hmm... I wonder what it means...

Then I think my brain was fully awake because this cuties where done in less than 4 minutes! I started them when a song began and I finished with the song. So that's how I know how long took me to make them. I don't have paper clips with me, so instead of joining them to a paper clip I just tie the ends in a cute bow. I really love them! I can make a gazillion of them per day! But don't expect me to make the bows. I hate bows, they always look crooked to me and the legs are all over the place. This bow actually amazed me because looks perfect. lol

Eek! I didn't noticed these are the last hearts of the 25 motifs challenge. Aw... Was a short one. Hmm... Will I stop here? I DON'T think so! I'll check what would be my next challenge and you'll see.

Special thanks to Ellen Lai for these cute patterns and a HUGE hug for all the staff of the 25 Motif Challenge.

The patterns of the heart can be found at Georgia's site.

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Claudia said...

que buenos te quedaron los corazoncitos y buena idea fue terminarlos con un moñito! me viene bien a mi, porque siempre tengo problemas en las terminaciones y asi lo disimularia bien!!


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