Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tatted Monster

This is a doily I nickname it "the monster". Gosh! Took me like forever to finish it! Well, 3-4 weeks to be exact. It's the 1st time I made it and I think the last! The pattern is not complicated, only rings and chains. Nothing fancy like split rings or special joins. But the problem for me is that is so repetitive I get bore and after an hour or 2 per day I just put it away. But I didn't want to start making something else until I finished it.

The pattern is from an antique Ann Orr book. You can find it on the reprints of Ann Orr books. I used the instructions from the book "Ann Orr Classic Tatting Patterns" (the one with the redish cover). It's for an Oval Table Set. The instructions call for #30, but I used cotton perle #8 (DMC Petra #8 in white) and it came out very big. I don't have a ruler with me but I'll say that the long is around 18 inches. I was thinking in making the set for a 6-place table, but nah! This will be alone. I'll check how big are the coasters, to see if they make a cute little doily.

One thing I liked it the center medallion. It's very pretty and easy to make. I'll try to make 4 of them joined in a square to see if they will work for an idea I have in mind. I won't tell until I get it right.

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