Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Motif 16

Last night I was checking the online patterns that I have saved and haven't done yet and found this darling, part of a celtic heart. The designer is Martha Ess and the pattern was discussed in the Online Tatting Class a while ago. You can find the pattern here. This is the 1st motif. I'm winding already the shuttles with a second color to make the 2nd motif. The center in this one is a tad different. I didn't read the pattern correctly and the central rings are smaller because i left 3 knots and a picot out. That happens when I star tatting first thing in the morning, even before breakfasting! lol I noticed when I was in the 5th ring, so I leaved as it.

The thread is El Beida cotton perle #8 in pink. The photo is a little dark but it's the baby pink I have been using.

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