Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another 25 Motif Challenge?

Yep! I will do a 3rd challenge. I need to keep myself busy with my tatting or any other craft. Because I barely do anything in the house and I don't sleep a lot, what else can I do? Just tat or crochet; and crochet is something I don't do it a lot because of the carpal tunnel and the loom knitting bores me after 10 minutes.

So last night I was looking for patterns. I wanted to make some angels but nothing fancied me. So I found some hearts patterns and . Yes! That will be my next challenge. To do 25 hearts. Here are the first two.

This heart is by Sue Hanson and it's called Heart of Sharon. She made it for one of the Heart Round Robins some years ago. I used the Egyptian thread perle #8 and the heart measures around 3 inches. It's made in one round using a split chain.

These 2 bookmarks are made using jumbo paper clips. I got a tub of 100 of them to do precisely this. The tiny hearts are like 1 inch and it's a pattern by Sherry Pence (aka LadyShuttles). A really cute pattern made in a snap! The threads are DMC Petra perle #8.

Tonight I'll check my books with hearts, which are plenty and will make this a lovely challenge.

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