Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well, here I am again!

Well, thanks to Tatting Chic, who is running a contest, I decided to open again my blogger blog. Thanks a lot dear! lol But this time I know that I can post here and transfer to Multiply, where is my main blog. So no problem. Also I know that in here a lot of people can post comments without been members. So it's easier for them to post comments here than to send me e-mails.

Well, I'll be transferring some posts in a few minutes but I wanted to leave you with this one. This is a pattern that I made for my BD (in a few days!). Each year I do one to share with my tatter friends. The pattern can be found on my web site: http://needles-n-shuttles.com/BDMotif2009.html

Now I'm off to import some posts and to finish the shopping cart of my shop. Soon the thread I use in most of my work (El Beida from Egypt) will be available for sell. :-)

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