Monday, January 26, 2009

Motif 23

This is a heart that I love!!!! The pattern is by Inga Kristersen from Denmark. For the pattern if you send her an e-mail she will send you back a password to download it. I used some buttons that come is nice big packages at Walmart. They are like 1.5 cm and they are dusty rose. But they blend really good with the pink and white thread. The overall heart measures less than 3 inches. this is one of those patterns that you can make a dozen per day! lol


TattingChic said...

That is adorable. Do you stock up at Walmart before you go to Egypt?
How commercial is the area you live there? Just curious. I don't know too much about what it's like to live in Egypt.

Claudia said...

lindo corazon. Trabajar con botones, es una tarea pendiente en frivolite para mi, (mi lista va creciendo !!! jajja) pero te quedo hermoso. Pregunta: los patrones de esta señora son gratis , previo envio de mail, pero pueden entenderse, me refiero al idioma..

shannon_in_love said...

do you have the pattern because i went to the link and it said 404...not there anymore. and this heart is so pretty. I would love to make it.


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