Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Also yesterday I came with this design. It's pretty simple to make but I just love the look of it with the beads.

This one was the 1st try I did. I fall in love with the design but the center space is too big. Also I added 2 beads too much and when I closed the center ring they got stuck on the begining of the ring. :-(

Here it looks better. I added small rings to the center and instead of making a center ring I did rings and chains with a bead on the core thread. Also added a few more beads to the tip of the flower. I think THIS is the motif I'll use to decorate a new headscarf that hubby got me a couple of nights ago. It's is black and it's screaming for decorations. lol I will also share the pattern of this one but a little bit later.

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TattingChic said...

Your designs are lovely! Sometimes simplest is lovliest. Sometimes designers get carried away in this difficult technique or that difficult technique and they lose the beauty of tatting trying to show off how "hard" something is to do! Ya know what I mean? This are beautiful. :)


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