Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Need some help - Poll

I'm designing a fairy for my coming book "Wings for Hope" but I'm having some problems deciding how will it be at the end. Here are the 2 versions.

This was the 1st version I made. Doesn't have the hands, but it will have them on the final motif. It doesn't have legs.

This version have the hands and legs. The skirt is made with josephine chains, but I think I'll opt for regular chains because the josephine chains are twisting. Also, I made on purpose one leg longer than the other. I can't decided if make long legs or shorter legs.

My main dilemma is if to make the legs or not. And if I make the legs, should they be long or short.

So here is the poll. If you have other suggestions for the motif let me know.

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