Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brooch, glycerin and wax

Today I learned 2 lessons. First, don't trust the cap of a glycerin vial and the second lesson, don't tat with thread that has glycerin!

Hubby got me a vial of glycerin for my skin and I didn't notice that the cap was cracked. It was near a ball of my navy blue thread and was too late when I noticed. *grrr* The thread absorbed a nice amount of the glycerin. When I touched the thread I didn't feel it sticky but smooth so I thought I could still tat with it. WRONG!!! It was like tatting with metal wire on a shuttle! *mumble, mumble* I was not going to discard the 10+ yards of thread so I went like crazy looking for my "Thread's Heaven". Thread's Heaven is a waxy cube that protects and condition threads. Do I have to tell you that I didn't find it? Well, I did find it BUT after the 3rd round was made. Thus some rings look weird, the thread snapped several times and I had to join in several places. But then a light went on on my brain and remember that the Thread's Heaven was still in the big bag I got from PR. *sigh* That worked like a charm!!! The thread behaved much better and I was able to finish the brooch. Even my fingers feel all smooth and nice. lol The silver button is not atached to the tatted piece. I just wanted to know how it will look. It's pretty big (around 3" on the side) so I won't use it on my headscarf but later I'll attach a pin on the back and sew the button. I know that my mom will keep it. So I'll send her this for her BD in May, if she doesn't come 1st to Egypt.

The pattern is from a booklet called "Maravillas en Frivolite 1". The thread (with glycerin) is DMC Petra #8 and black glass seed beads.

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