Sunday, February 1, 2009

Motif 3 & 4

These butterflies are from the book Tatted butterflies by Adelheid Dangela. I love her books and patterns. They are diagrammed.

This one is Celine. It's one of my favorite and I have done it several times, specially when I was in the Butterfly's Round Robins. It says to use 2 shuttles but can be easily done with one and ball. The thread is DMC Petra #8 in white and navy blue.

This one all weird and with silly antennas is Teresa. The pattern uses long twisted picots, but I wanted to use bugles on the picots. The problem is that I didn't use a picot gauge to measure the picots and one wing has longer picots than the other. The antennas are all "here and there" because the pattern doesn't say when you need a SLT (Shoelace Trick) or SS (Switch Shuttles) and the pattern confused me, specially because I was using 2 colors and want the colors in specific positions. But I think she looks fine.

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