Thursday, February 26, 2009

TIA Day 2 and 3

There's a new TIA in town. This one is by Iris Niebach. I'm using DMC Petra #8 in white and navy blue.

This is day 2. I didn't take a photo of the 1st part because hubby had the camera at work. So this morning I took the photo.

Then I went to visit the blogs and noticed that the 3rd day was posted and worked it. It's very intriguing the design! I'm anxious to see what will come next. I'm not very patient. lol


Valerie said...

hey wally, you are very fast! i'd found out about the TIAS but haven't got time to start. think i shd take a quick bath and wind some thread... wait up.

Tattycat said...

Very pretty Needledreams. It's so good to see that others have it the same way I do. This is fun.


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