Monday, February 2, 2009

Ayla and homework

This morning I woke up with a little headache. Grr... Not again! But is was mild and it disapear after a few minutes. Suddenly I heard a "momma". It was Ayla that was inside my mind. Wait, how I know her name is Ayla??? Then I realize, ah the headache! She was trying to speak with me in my mind. Cool! Now we can understand each other. And while I was pondering all this I felt a bit on one of my nails. Ok, here we go again! I gently took Ayla in my hand and told her not to bit mommy's nails. "But I hungry". Duh! I forgot everything about food. But what does dragons eat? I have no idea! Will have to Google it. She jump from my lap to the tatting box I have near with all the beads and sequins and she look at the sequins and started nibbling in one. Then look at me like asking permission and I nod. I'm not sure if sequins are good for dragons, but it's much better than nibbling on my nails.

While she was happy with her sequin I manage to do homework. These are going to be tonight's patterns and technique on the Online Tatting Class. Last night was a special Superbowl edition and was really good! Tons of links and patterns. My head was spinning with so much ideas! The patterns are by Jane Eborall.Lovely patterns. I guess I woke up with a mood for beads! For the patterns you can visit Jane's site or Georgia's 2009 Lesson Index

I'll tell you more about the motifs in different posts. When I finished the motifs Ayla already finished with the sequin and wondered what I was doing and when I took the photo she was there. lol She's so cute! But I have to hurry and Google for dragon's food before she starts nibbling on my nails again!

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