Friday, February 6, 2009

Help with Pricing

I need some help! A friend wants to make a shirt with tatting on it and she wants like 12 meters of this insert. The pattern is from a book from Anna Meloni. This sample is like 13 cm long and 5 cm wide and took me around 45 minutes to make. I used DMC Petra #8. So what should I ask for the 12 meters? She is going to send me the thread and it will be black or dark blue. I usually price dark threads items a little higher than light colored threads because of the effort that I need to make with the eyesight. I was thinking may be $5 per meter. I want to be fair for her and for me. So what you think? How much will you ask for a meter of this insert in black perle #8?


TattingChic said...

In the US we have something called "minimum wage" it's the lowest amount a job can pay. I don't know what it is right now because I haven't made minimum wage in decades! I would charge whatever the closest thing to minimum wage is in your country/her country and then from there...charge by the HOURS it takes to make it. That is a labor intensive design so don't cheat yourself.

Needledreams said...

I think that the minimum wage in USA, as in PR, was like $7 something per hour. In Egypt that doesn't exist and I have no idea of Spain. I check if there's like a minimum wage in Spain.

Valerie said...

i have no idea on how to advice you but it'll be interesting to know how to price an item in tatting. but i certainly agree with tattingchic -- you should not underquote.

all the best!

Alba Alicia said...

I think that if you consider the wage per hour, it should not be based on the minimum, since this is a very specialized work.

You could also compare, just to compare, the price of a lace of a similar width.

Alba Alicia - México


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