Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tatting thoughts

I spend a lot of time along with my tatting. Hubby works far from home so he stays a few nights at work. Last night and this morning was one of those days that I tat a lot. Tatting is my therapy and companion. I don't know you, but when I'm tatting, specially a pattern that I know by memory, I tend to think a lot. Different things, thoughts, plans, dreams... Some times I feel like my brain is running 100 mph! lol Some times I even have to stop tatting to write down a note, idea or a quick drawing for a design.

Some of the things I thought this morning are:
  1. Decided that I'm not going to use a pattern from a designer for my 40th BD souvenirs. But I'll make my own design (as I do every BD).
  2. Also won't use HDT. Though the HDT are so beautiful I will need a huge amount of it for the BD project. So I'll be using a thread that I can find without any problem. Probably will make it with El Beida (the Egyptian thread I use).
  3. I'm in the "angry" phase of the griving process about my Lupus exarcebation (sp?). Still in pain, meds don't work good and I'm angry. So, sue me!
  4. I got an idea about a book to get donations and awareness about Lupus. I got the idea from a book in Annie's Attic for Breast Cancer and a blog called "Stitch Pink". The title will be "Wings for Hope". The color of Lupus awareness is purple and the symbol is a butterfly. What you think? The month was change from October to May. So that leaves me 2 months for designing, proofing and publishing the book.
I already have a few motifs designed that I can include in the book. Need to contact the LFA (Lupus Fundation of America) to get a simple "What is Lupus" for the book and to see how to establish the donation thingy with Pay Pal on my site and web shop. Probably will sell the samples also. In the last few years I have been getting more active in geting people know about Lupus. Nobody can imagine how difficult is this illness. *sigh* OK... I'm not going to start rambling about it. At least not now. ;-)

Well, those were my thoughts this morning. The photo are the motifs I have finished already for decorating my headscarf. I still need to make 6 more; 3 with pink beads and 3 with green beads. I'm thinking also in making the 1st round only for "filling" motifs and probably will make a edging too. I just need to decorate one end of the scarf because the other gets hide in the wrapping.

I will breakfast now and will take a break from this motif and tat something else. See ya later!

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TattingChic said...

Tatting is such great therapy, I agree, Wally! I'm glad you have it, too! :)


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