Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Tatting bags

Aren't they the cutest mini bags? We got them on a "dollar" shop, just that here they're "2.50 LE" shops. :-) I'm getting addicted to this kind of shops. Where I'm living now they are several of them and it's "dangerous" for me. lol Don't get scare. I say it's dangerous because each time I go out to walk (to make exercise) I can't resist entering in one of these shops.

This is the small opened. It has a snap closure and I can easily get 2 shuttles and a small project inside.

This one is my favorite! It's bigger and have 2 compartments with individual zippers. So I can place inside a lot of tatting stuff. It has a wrist strap so I can use a side for tatting and the other to carry my papers when I go out instead of carrying my backpack. I don't use purses or bags. :-)

I have to give credit to hubby, who was the one that spot them on the shop and told me that I can use them for tatting. I think I educated him good in matters of tatting. lol He even wants to learn to tat. Who knows if we can become tatting teachers in Arabic! But there's a problem... I won't share my shuttles with him! *VBG* Well, may be a couple...

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MJ said...

You have nice & cute bags. Good luck on your hobby.


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