Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Tatting and Nursing

This year didn't start in a good way. Hubby has been having problems at work (he and his brother have own business) loosing money when a partner stole some money. Then a car accident that, thanks God, nothing really bad happened but lost 2 weeks of work. Now me been sick again with the Lupus and last night he arrived home just when the online tatting class was going to start with a scrapped leg; all the right chin scrapped really bad. *sigh* So the nurse in me jump in action and I cleaned the wound and bandage it. I have almost forgotten how good it feels to be a nurse. I was an Oncology Nurse and was passionate about it. Worked only 4 years because I was diagnosed with Lupus back then and had to stop working. After all the dressing and care he broke into tears and told me of other things. But I know God will help us. Now he's sleeping the "extra" minutes (it's 5 am!) and I'm planning of a good breakfast for him! :-)

I managed to make Ellen new bookmarks. On the online tatting class we're going to have a monthly pattern with Ellen. I think all of them are going to be small cute motifs to attach to paper clips. This month is a shamrock with 4 leaves. I love them!!! When I was a girl there were a mini field of clovers in front of my house and I used to sit in the border and look for a 4-leaves one. lol Never found one, so now I can tat it.

The one on the left was tatted mostly with her instructions. A center ring, then the dimpled rings joined to the small picots on the center ring and then the chains around. I made a short josephine chain for the stem. The one on the right I used a SCMR and then chained around. Also added a stitch to the dimpled area of the ring and an extra stitch to the chains. I used an Italian thread (can't remember the name) that is like a size #40 and the green is El Beida #12. I don't have the Italian thread with me. Only a half filled shuttle. :-( BUt even with the half filled shuttle I think I can make a small field of clovers to remember the one that I had when I was a girl.

Thanks Ellen for such delightful pattern!


TattingChic said...

Your Little shamrock motifs are cute. I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby's business woes! Gosh why do some business partners have to be so stinky and steal money??? I hope they catch him and put him in jail! I had no idea you did nursing before. Oncology sure takes a special kind of nurse! :)
Sorry your Lupus is giving you grief. So glad you have your tatting to help you through the hard times. God bless! :)

singtatter said...

Hope things get better each day for you and your family.

I'm so happy to know there are people enjoying my patterns. Yep, the plan is all small motifs for paper clips, though along the way, I see variations to make them into small bookmarks. Actually I have only come up with 6 out of 12 patterns at the moment, and still thinking hard for the rest. Any suggestions to what motifs you will like to see ?


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